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Explaining the PB Ban

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Hello everyone!

I have been more active lately here on nxHacks and I see many people asking the same questions or facing the same issues relating to PunkBuster Bans.
I would like to clear things up for you, explain what things mean, as I have been in a close relationship with Hacks/Cheats and PunkBuster since the year 2004 when I used to play Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory until today, playing Battlefield 3

Following Q&A:

Q: I have been banned by PB today, but I have not used the Hack for 2 or more days.
A: PunkBuster uses a ban method called Delayed Ban. This means that PB detects a Hack but does not give out the Ban right away.
They wait few days to capture more players using the same given Violation and then strike the Ban-hammer.
This way they can get a higher number of Cheaters.

Q: I am paying for this hack and the hack is not 100% un-detectable!
A: No hack is completely undetectable nor 100% safe to use. If you start cheating in a game you take the risk of getting caught.

Q: Why is the Hack detected so often? Why does the update of the Hack take so long? Why does the Hack have so many bugs? Why...?
A: If coding was easy, everybody would have his own hack coded. Right?

Q: I get the message "Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster kicked player 'playername' (for * minutes) ... Violation (AIMBOT) #***** "
A: You have been detected by PunkBuster and have got a Global Ban from EvenBalance.
If this is your first time you see this message, go check PBBans.com - BF3 and see if your Soldier Name is listed.

Q: I got Kicked from a Server with this message: "Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster kicked player 'MYNAME' (for 1200 minutes) ... PBBansHub: Enforced MBi Ban [Admin Decision]." I'm Banned???
A: Yes, unfortunately you have been Kicked and Banned from the Server you tried to Join. But as the Kick Message notes, it says "Admin Decision" so YOU ARE NOT Globally Banned. Choose another Server and you're good to go.

Q: My Ban / Soldier Name / GUID is not listed on PBBans.com but I'm still banned?
A: If you are not listed on PBBans.com then try to search for your GUID on GGC-Stream.com.

Q: PunkBuster has kicked me for 2, 5 or 1200 minutes for Violation but I can't play after this time is over.
A: You have been globally banned by EvenBalance and this is just the message PB shows.
The ban will not go away if you sit and wait the time out. Yes, this is forever.

Q: I'm Banned for Violation AIMBOT #***** but I only used ESP and/or Radar or etc.
A: When you Inject the hack to the Game, it adds/changes the Code of the Game. All the Hack Options are Injected.
Even if you Inject the Hack and Disable all it's Features In-Game, you will be caught by PunkBuster.

Q: Can I appeal the Ban?
A: Yes you can. Go to PBBans.com - Ban Appeal and read that guide. But I'd say that it's just a waste of time.

Q: If I fail to Appeal the Ban what are my options?
A: Create a NEW EA/Origin Account using a NEW E-MAIL address, purchase a new CD/Origin Key and Log In to your NEW Origin Account you just created and Redeem your NEW Product Code with the NEW Origin Account.

Q: I have BF3 and BF3 Premium. If I get Banned, do I have to buy new BF3 with new Premium, or just buy a new BF3 and keep previous Premium?
A: You are creating a new EA / Origin Account so everything needs to be purchased again if you want. You can't Transfer your Premium to the new Account. YOU NEED TO START FRESH...

Q: What if I Redeem a new BF3 Key with the Old / Banned Origin Account? Will this change my GUID / Un-Ban me?
A: No DO NOT Redeem a new BF3 Key with an already Banned Origin ID - it will be just a waste of the Key Code.
This method will NOT un-ban you nor give you a new GUID. Your GUID is created from the Key Code & Origin ID once you register with Battlelog / create your Soldier for the first time.

Q: Do I have to download and install the game again?
A: No you do not! Once the new game key has been redeemed you will be able to play right away.

Q: Can I transfer my Soldier to the new account?
A: No! EA/DICE refuses Soldier stats, awards etc. transfer. You have to start with a new Soldier.

Hopefully this Guide helped answering some of your major question already, but feel free to post questions not already listed above and I'd happily answer them.
I will also update the Q&A as necessary.

Updated Q&A (09. February, 2013)

Thanks for the attention,

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